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Mike at his bench
Guitars Wood Finish Builder

My love affair with the guitar first began while studying mechanical engineering at Cornell University. After shelling out $199 for an electric guitar/amp combo during my junior year, I spent every day working on Led Zeppelin riffs whenever I wasn't attending lectures or crunching through problem sets. My interest in music and the guitar steadily progressed to the forefront and after graduating I decided to rethink my future in engineering. What better place to do that than in a garage three blocks from one of the best surf spots in Santa Cruz, California?

My primary concerns over the next few years became scheduling my work around low tide and religiously practicing guitar. By this point I had almost completely migrated to playing acoustic guitar after becoming exposed to both Leo Kottke and the thriving bluegrass scene in California.

Around this time the previously dormant mechanical engineer was itching to show his face again and after meeting a few local luthiers, the building seed was planted. Looking through luthier books was incredibly intimidating from both a skill set and tools perspective. So, after spending a few summers in the mountains outside of South Lake Tahoe and managing to save some money, I found Sergei de Jonge's guitar course ( in Chelsea, Quebec. My knowledge of luthiers at that time was essentially non-existent and my primary reason for choosing Sergei was because he offered vegetarian meals! Little did I know that I had inadvertently landed in the shop of one of the world's most respected luthiers!

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Montreal, Quebec



"I was gob smacked by the first guitar I had from Mike, I am double gob smacked this time. This is one of the loudest guitars I've ever heard but it has depth and subtlety too. From the lowest bass note to the the highest treble, each note has perfect definition and clarity with a full and strong tone. Wether playing the most delicate fingerstyle or going for it with a pick this beauty takes it in its stride. Incredible."

Trevor Moyle of The Acoustic Music Company

"After twenty years of searching for the one guitar, the reliable medium to consistently deliver tone and playability without question, Mike Kennedy and Indian Hill Guitars have given me the answer. It always sounds good, and it is always lighting the way to new possibilities in my playing. I love this guitar, I can't say it enough."

Mike O"Brien, guitarist and member of The Sin and The Swoon

"This is the beginning of something incredible. This guitar is without a doubt one of the finest guitars I have ever played in my life. It is amazing and I have a funny feeling you will be reading more about this guitar while Iím cast under itís seductive sonic spell."

Kevin Hennig of SymphonTree Music

"I love my Indian Hill OO-13! Beyond the obvious highest level craftmanship, it is also a truly unique guitar. It's a steel string instrument, but it has the sensitivity of a nylon string and the punchiness of a Maccaferri. It also plays like a dream!"

Jonathan Kreisberg, solo jazz guitarist and member of Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio on his Indian Hill OO-13

"The best way to describe the tone from this guitar is 'unrestrained acoustic tonal bliss'. This is the kind of tonal magic that inspires an artist to create original music and I am so grateful to have it in my hands!

J.R.Rogers, founder and owner of the Acoustic Guitar Forum on his OO-12

"This Kauri/Sitka Concert is superb. I could easily play this as my main guitar, I enjoy it that much. Very special..."

Paul Heumiller of Dream Guitars